Defne Engineering - 3D Measuring


In our company, measurement of small parts with fine details and the details of all major components are realized with 3 optical scan systems which have 9 different fields of views and 1.4 MP to 4 MP camera resolution. 3d-measuring – optical scanning of the parts with dimensions 2 mm up to 20 m, can be performed without material discrimination. The application areas of 3d-measuring systems are given below:

  • If manufacturer does not produce a product for a long time and he or she wants to reproduce it
  • Original design having insufficient documentation,
  • The absence of a product’s original manufacturer but customers need this product,
  • Original documentation of the product is lost or never existed,
  • Product redesign is needed for some of the worst features of the product,
  • Strengthening the best features of the product on the basis of long-term use of the product,
  • Competitive product analysis of the good and bad features,
  • The discovery of new ways decisive in developing the product performance and features,
  • Understanding the products of the competitor and obtaining competitive methods for product development of better products,
  • Original CAD model is not sufficient to be changed for current production methods,
  • Original manufacturer is inadequate or unwilling to provide additional / spare parts,
  • Updating outdated parts or old production processes with cheaper current technologies.


Our company provides reverse engineering service and solutions to customer requests and problems such as mentioned above. The digitizing system is used to resolve these processes as a convenience technology. Part is digitized with the means of these systems and made ready to create the CAD model. Parts can be measured without a necessity to make any marking on the part during the optical scanning (3d-measuring) of three-dimensional parts. In optical scanning; measurement accomplishes without the use of these paper or index marking, without data loss. But in the case of significant data is available in the marked areas, high-quality results can be achieved. For example; during the measurement of a tile with an optical scanning method, marking will cause deformation of pattern in those areas. Our company can complete these types of projects with high quality and precision by combining experience and the extreme properties of the system. A similar study is conducted to measure fingerprint with the three-dimensional optical scanning method. Point cloud which is obtained as a result of optical scanning can be used directly in production without requiring any additional processing.