Defne Mühendislik - Institutional

Defne Engineering was established in 2005 based on the idea of providing advanced technology services with a approach of product excellence center. It provides engineering, design, development & consultancy service to clients active in production, services or commercial sectors who wants to create a new design, making innovation on a product or to improve their current products. Defne Engineering provides services in the areas of engineering, design and R&D in a short time, with a high level quality. With the benefits provided via advanced technology and the company’s wide team skilled in design & development, it provides services in the fields of engineering, design and R&D. Both the SME’s & main industrial corporations have their needs in the areas of engineering & design provided to via teams within their ranks. But in the long term this will cause the costs to increase while the dynamic structure of the company decreases in effectiveness.

Defne Engineering can provide expertise services needed by firms in the following areas of=

  • Product Design,
  • Product Development,
  • Reverse Engineering,
  • Value Engineering,
  • Test production & validation,
  • 3D measuring,
  • Measuring quality control ,

Our firm which operates in the automobile, defence, electronics, aeronautics, medical, food, packaging and textile sectors, main industry and SMEs also provides solutions to the seperate needs of engineering and process definements from the idea step to the product with the approach of the project as a whole. İnformation on the reciept.