Quality control with Structured-light 3D scanner system. High resolution and accuracy, Metrology system used for inspection of complex surfaces

Quality Control

Comparison of point cloud and / or STL data obtained from three-dimensional measurement (optical scan) or any measuring device with the CAD model, quality control services are provided by reporting the differences. Many different methods are used to carry out the scan data and CAD model to the same reference. The most widely used methods are:

  1. Reference fitting: Two data are superposed with the help of plane, vector and point which is a reference to CAD data of the fixture, mold, plane and in point clouds.
  2. The most appropriate fitting: point cloud is superposed on the coordinates of CAD data with the so-called “Best Fit” insertion.

Differences between measurements which are taken in three-dimensional and CAD model, are given in color scale. Dimensioning such as geometric differences, steepness, circularity in desired areas or sections of scanned data is formed.


The final report is delivered to customers as graphic images and tables.