Product Development Product design reverse engineering
Product Development Product design reverse engineering

Product Development

Product Development studies include more functional and lower cost design and production processes of the existing product. It can also be considered as a product design, but we classify the work done on an existing product as product development. Reverse Engineering studies are carried out for products that are traded or products that will be put on the market with localization. 3D scanning

Product development is a definition we make for the updating, localization, development, cost optimization and similar studies of the product that the company produces or trades.

The firm may want to introduce a product to the market in a new area where it analyzes that competition will be appropriate. At this stage, our company contributes to the creation of competitive and innovative products in catching new trends with a detailed examination of existing products. In our company for more than 16 years, we carry out innovative product development projects for different sectors with our experience.

In product development studies, the possible competitors of the company’s existing product are analyzed using the Reverse Engineering method. You can find the details of reverse engineering work here. The basis of a development study, whether it is the company’s own product or a competitor’s product, should be based on reverse engineering analysis. Thus, it is determined more clearly where current products and trends are developing.

What is Product Development? What are the product development stages? Before defining these concepts and our company’s approach, what is New Product Development? Let’s summarize briefly.

What is New Product Design (NPD)

In business and engineering, new product development  (NPD)encompasses the entire process of bringing a new product to market, renewing an existing product, or introducing a product to a new market. A central aspect of NPD is product design with various business considerations. New product development is generally defined as the conversion of a market opportunity into a ready-to-sale product. (1)

If there is an existing product and it will be developed, we define the process as product development. If a new product is to be created and presented to the market, we define the entire process (!) as “New Product Development”.

New Product Development covers all product design studies and moves away from being design-centered in addition.

Product Development Product design reverse engineering

What is Product Design

Product Development Product design reverse engineering

Developing an existing product for purposes such as updating, strengthening its competition, maintaining market share are design-oriented studies. It is the work of developing the products that the company produces and trades by passing them through a design and engineering sieve. In this study, design-centered studies such as material, mechanism, visuality, production methods and strength are carried out.

The infrastructure of updates and development is the examination and interpretation of competitor products. With the help of product SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis, areas open to improvement and opportunities are clearly identified and a roadmap of the work to be done is created. Passwords such as mechanism details, forms, material and production features of similar or competing products are obtained by retrospective engineering studies.g

For example; There are serious problems in the supply and maintenance of a 6-cylinder engine fuel pump for a vehicle engine based on old technology. The pump supplier company no longer manufactures, and the existing ones cannot meet their tolerances in the maintenance processes. It is not possible to supply the spare parts used in the pump as new. In this case, the 6-cylinder engines at hand become unusable. It continues to supply fuel pumps and spare parts used in 16-cylinder engines with the same technology.

Product Development Product design reverse engineering
Product Development Product design reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

Thanks to Retrospective Engineering studies, the fuel pumps of 16-cylinder engines were examined and an analysis was made that this structure could be used in a 6-cylinder structure, the spare part problem would be eliminated with the developments to be made, and the production would be met with much more affordable cost with domestic facilities. With the help of 3D Measurement, the development of the product was carried out by developing strength, materials and special processes in the development studies.

This and similar studies have been widely used by our industry, especially in the defense industry, aviation, automotive and medical sectors.

What are the Product Development Stages?

Product Development Process

Market Analysis:

Positioning the product relative to its competitors in the market. Life expectancy, determination of new markets and targets, recycling of existing customers, development opportunities of the product are created in detail. This information will form the basis of the work to be done. The work to be done with the support of design and engineering will ensure the clarification of the objectives and more purposeful focus.

Product Development Product design reverse engineering
Product Development Product design reverse engineering


In general, the analysis method used in the processes and projects of companies is created on the product. This analysis, based on the data of the market analysis, is carried out to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the product, and a study is made that lists the opportunities for product development and the threats to the life cycle of the product. The aim of this study is to determine the priority issues in development and to determine at what level the development will be implemented. (2)


The details of the development stages of the product and the roadmap to which studies will be carried out are determined at this stage. Details of studies such as Development Verification, Documentation, Procurement, Production, Improvements are created.

Product Development Product design reverse engineering
Product Development Product design reverse engineering


Material revisions, production method updates, assembly and maintenance improvements, computer-aided design studies are carried out with all sub-parts of the product for which the roadmap is determined. In order for the product to fulfill its function, it is detailed by considering its robustness, compliance with working conditions and standards. Validation studies are also carried out for critical values. In this study, material, production and assembly tolerances, quality requirements and packaging details and specifications are developed.


It is the work done for the product, which is created as a result of the mechanical design, to meet the requirements of the working and environmental conditions, to determine and approve the life, and to fulfill its function completely and completely. In these studies, the product is produced as a prototype for use and testing in the field. Prototype production is carried out from real material in accordance with its dimensions and tolerances. Depending on the place and purpose of use, similar materials and methods can be preferred. Again, depending on the place and purpose of use, the physical and/or simulation tests of the product are also a validation study. Thus, it is confirmed that the mechanical design will fulfill its life endurance and function. Optimization of the product is carried out according to the results of the versification.

Product Development Product design reverse engineering
Product Development Product design reverse engineering


Required revisions are made on the certifications and technical documents that the product should receive according to its intended use.


Depending on the purpose and place of use of the product, the production method chosen can be updated and transformed into a production method based on higher technology. Necessary production adjustments are made by reviewing the tolerances and tolerance batch analysis results taken into account during the design phase.

Product Development Product design reverse engineering
Product Development Product design reverse engineering

Development studies within the life cycle of the product increase both the sustainability of the product and its competitive advantage. The designs of products that have a high market share, that can sustain this share, that can lead their competitors, must be realized by teams that are experienced, constantly improving themselves, open to new ideas, and have high technology, and follow their projects to the end.

As Defne Engineering, we realize high quality projects with the principle of continuous improvement.


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