Industrial Design, Product Development, Value Engineering, 3d Scanning, benchmarking, reverse engineering

Product Development

Current products have the risks about decreasing of the market shares due to the high production and material costs which are not suitable for the needs of the clients and they cannot be refreshed because of the competitive pressure of the global market.

Projects are developed in order to have advanced products by adding new concepts and creative ideas to remaining ones. In order to do a renewal of its mechanical infrastructure, and to enable it to be produced with a lower cost level. The experienced team of our company is producing high-quality projects towards serial & casted production.

For product development process, the SWOT analysis is carried out for the physical, functional and visual benchmarks for the newly created products. The innovative changes in the mechanical design phase and the concept development are planned with the results of this analysis in mind.

With the reduction of the production cost, a competitive price or a good profit rate is achieved. We assist our clients in these steps to develop joint projects in the field of simple business development.