what is reverse engineering

What is Reverse Engineering

Is defined also Backward Engineering; this method, also known as ‘Reverse Engineering’, comes from the English word ‘Reverse Engineering’ (RE). It is defined in dictionaries as:

In order to be able to produce the same, to disassemble the produced one down to the details, to test and analyze.
To examine and design a product that has emerged. Then it is used to make other products with the same design. The methods used in software to understand how a software does a job are called.**
Reverse Engineering (RE) of a device, object or system; It is the process of discovering its structure, function, or working through an inferential reasoning analysis. The separation of parts such as machine or mechanical tool, electronic component, software program and their working principles in detail.
Includes analysis.***

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Creative solutions that will make a difference

The product to be developed or a different product with a similar function.
by comparing products, comparing them with each other
It is necessary to reveal the differences of the products. of companies
SWOT in business faculties that they put forward in their business plans
to these products, the comparison method taught under the name of
Finding creative solutions that will make a difference in the market by applying
it will be much easier. Positions of products with SWOT analysis
their place in the market, the company’s ability to reach its target with its new product
clearly outlines the steps to be taken.
S – Strenght = Strong sides
W – Weekness= Weaknesses
O – Oportunity= Opportunities it creates
T – Threat = Threats
Project with an approach that reveals the SWOT features of the products.
developments or innovations that will be made at the beginning of the
It turns out what is going on. Backward Engineering
project steps and method of their work, a separate approach to each project
Even if it requires, it is generally done with a simple top plan. It
a Sherlock Holmes-style review on existing products in the planning
revealing the details with the approach and taking advantage of them
innovations are necessary. Creative to add value to the product
functionality in a short time with lower cost with approaches
will be possible to obtain.
what is reverse engineering
what is reverse engineering
what is reverse engineering
what is reverse engineering